Laser Circumcision

To circumcise or not to? This has always been a dilemma for parents or men. In ancient times, the concept was to circumcise at birth, but recently many doctors believe that the foreskin has its value. We are to help you understand by answering the following questions:

Should Children Undergo Circumcision?

Consideration is necessary in the following cases:

  1. Inflammation and swelling of the foreskin occur more than once a year, or there has been a severe case with pus formation.

  2. The opening is too small, affecting urination. In severe cases, some children have significant phimosis, where the foreskin balloons out like a balloon during urination, and urine only comes out after the foreskin is fully inflated. In such cases, circumcision is necessary.

  3. The foreskin is excessively long, making hygiene difficult and leading to severe smegma accumulation (parents may notice hard white lumps inside the child’s foreskin, which could be smegma).

  4. There have been incidents of “getting stuck,” known as “paraphimosis,” which means that when the foreskin is retracted, it cannot be pushed back, often requiring emergency room treatment.

Furthermore, most children under 12 years old usually require sedation during the surgery.


Should adults undergo circumcision?

Consideration is necessary in the following cases:

  1. If the glans cannot automatically protrude after erection, or if the foreskin feels uncomfortably tight around the penis, suggesting excessive foreskin or phimosis, circumcision is recommended.

  2. If there is a presence of genital warts (Condylomata acuminata), commonly known as “Càihuā“,caused by human papillomavirus infection. Although painless, these warts pose a risk of cancer and can lead to cervical cancer in female partners. Therefore, active treatment is necessary.

  3. If it is difficult to keep clean or if there are recurrent inflammations, it’s advisable to remove the excess foreskin.

  4. If the sexual partner or oneself dislikes it.

  5. If the foreskin or frenulum tears during or after the sexual activity.

  6. Diabetic patients are prone to foreskin inflammation. It is best to consider circumcision when blood sugar is well controlled.

Doctors at Nice Clinique will conduct a detailed preoperative assessment with patients, discussing the desired length to be retained, the choice between the latest laser or traditional electrocautery techniques, and options for local anesthesia or sedation (dignified anesthesia, maintaining privacy) before scheduling the surgery.


Have you experienced any of the following situations?

1.Swollen, inflamed foreskin occurring more than once a year, or has it ever been severe enough to produce pus?
2.The urethral opening is too small, affecting urination. Some children have severe phimosis, and when urinating, the foreskin may inflate like a balloon, with the entire foreskin swelling at the front end before urine sprays out. In such cases, circumcision is necessary.
3.If the foreskin is too long, it’s difficult to keep clean, leading to a buildup of smegma (parents might notice white hard lumps inside the child’s foreskin, which could be smegma).
4.There have been cases of “getting stuck”, known as paraphimosis. Simply put, when the foreskin retracts, it cannot be pushed back, often requiring treatment in the emergency room.

Is Laser Circumcision Better?

The success of surgery primarily depends on the experience and surgical technique of the doctor. A simple approach, such as pulling the foreskin and making one cut, may seem elegant but can result in leaving excess foreskin. Cutting too much or neglecting the condition of the frenulum can lead to pain or injury during erections or sexual activity.

Nice Clinique believes that circumcision should resemble cosmetic surgery, aiming not only to maintain their health but also to boost confidence.

The use of carbon dioxide (CO2) laser for circumcision has become a recent trend, with several advantages:

  1. Laser cutting simultaneously acts as hemostasis, reducing bleeding.

  2. Wounds are more uniform, leading to shorter healing times.

  3. Postoperative swelling is milder (though some swelling may still occur).

  4. Shorter surgical duration reduces patient anxiety on the operating table.

  5. The wounds appear neater compared to direct cutting with scissors after surgery. Laser surgery, due to pre-marking and smooth incisions, reduces the likelihood of uneven cuts.

The cost of the surgery mainly stem from the laser equipment, leading to higher expenses. Additionally, it requires more expertise and experience from the physician. It is recommended that patients communicate directly with their doctor before making a decision.

Is circumcision painful?

Before surgery, the doctor will administer local anesthesia deeply and superficially around the base of the penis, so there will be no pain during the procedure. If you’re still concerned, it’s recommended to choose sedation anesthesia (dignified anesthesia) to ensure a comfortable experience. However, the pain from postoperative wounds is inevitable. It can be alleviated with oral medication. Typically, wound healing takes 7-10 days, with the most discomfort occurring in the first 2-3 days. Nevertheless, you can resume normal activities such as office work or attending classes.

The information above is for reference only. If you experience any side effects or have questions regarding its use, please consult a doctor.

Is Foreskin Removal Still Relevant? Yes!

Our Professional Team

Wang, Tso-Hsuan, with over 25 years of experience in urology and more than 18 years in the medical aesthetics industry. He not only possesses professional knowledge in urology, but also holds unique insights and standards in the field of aesthetics.

To address the intimate concerns of men, he leads the medical team at the Nice Clinic, which emphasizes aesthetic aspect and patients the comfort during the surgical process. Nice Clinique cares about your health, and prioritizes aesthetics and unique needs even more than you do.

The information above is for reference only. If you experience any side effects or have questions regarding its use, please consult a doctor.

Autologous Foreskin Augmentation: Enhancing Masculinity

At Nice Clinique, “Autologous Foreskin Augmentation” procedure precisely removes excess foreskin epidermis and dermis, preserving subcutaneous tissue, and then folds it back underneath for suturing.

Such method of “one cut, two folds, and three sutures”, the circumference can increase by 5-25% after surgery with utilizing autologous foreskin augmentation. For those seeking even more noticeable enlargement, MegaFill implant can be considered under a physician’s diagnosis. It may increase the circumference by 30-60% with an average thickness increase of about 4 cm.

The effectiveness varies from person to person and depends on individual physiology and conditions. It should be evaluated and performed individually by a physician.

Why Choose Us?

Physicians with Experience in Medical Aesthetics and Urology

Nice Clinique offers ” Male Genital Surgery” performed by professional physicians with rich experience in both medical aesthetics and urology. Male Genital Surgery not only involves functional issues but also concerns appearance. Therefore, we recommend choosing physicians who with expertise in urology and extensive experience in medical aesthetics to ensure both functional and aesthetic needs are addressed.

VIP Recovery Room

Enjoy personal space and privacy for recovery.

Flexible Schedule

We accommodate customers’ schedules by flexibly arranging surgery dates, eliminating the need for long waits in large hospitals for appointments.

“Painless Sedation Anesthesia” Improves Surgical Quality

Sedation anesthesia is administered by an anesthesiologist, ensuring that patients are asleep before removing pants, disinfecting, and preparing for surgery. This not only avoids unbearable pain but also significantly reduces embarrassment for men related to undressing and shaving.


Before Surgery:

1. For those opting for sedation anesthesia, if you have nail polish on your fingers, please remove at least one nail to facilitate blood oxygen assessment.

2. Please inform the doctor in advance of your medical history, medication history, surgical experience, family medical history, and allergies.

3. If you have been consuming blood-activating health foods long-term, such as ginkgo biloba, grape seed, red yeast rice, or ginseng, please pause consumption for 2 weeks.

4. If you are taking anticoagulants such as aspirin, vitamin E, or warfarin, please pause for 2 weeks.

After surgery

1. In the first few days after surgery, there may be swelling of the foreskin, which will gradually subside within approximately 2 weeks.

2. If there is slight bleeding or swelling of the wound after erection after surgery, simply apply local cold compress and pressure. If bleeding is severe, please revisit the clinic or contact them. Note for cold compress: 10-15 minutes per session, with intervals of at least 30 minutes between sessions.

3. Sutures will gradually fall off within approximately 1-2 weeks after surgery, and the speed of suture removal and wound healing depends on individual constitution. If sutures have not completely fallen off by the third week, please return to the clinic for assistance with removal.

4. Avoid smoking, alcohol, staying up late, and vigorous exercise within the first week after surgery.

5. Sexual activity is prohibited for 1 month after surgery.

6. If the surgery is performed under general anesthesia, you can consume liquid food such as boiled water, milk, or fruit juice after one hour of surgery. If there is no nausea or vomiting after eating, you can eat any food, hot or cold.

7. If the surgery is performed under local anesthesia and there is no discomfort such as nausea or vomiting after surgery, you can eat.

Daily Routine and Hygiene

1. Maintain a balanced diet and avoid stimulating foods such as cigarettes, alcohol, and spicy foods after returning home.

2. Try to minimize water intake before bedtime to reduce discomfort from nocturnal erections.

3. Clean the wound with cotton swabs and saline solution morning and evening, apply anti-inflammatory ointment, cover the wound with gauze, and keep it clean and dry.

Other Notes

1. Please take oral medications as instructed by the doctor.

2. If your body temperature exceeds 38.5°C, or if you experience nausea, vomiting, or continuous bleeding from the wound, please contact the clinic.

The information above is for reference only. If you experience any side effects or have questions regarding its use, please consult a doctor.



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