45% of Men Face Challenges: Addressing Male Desire for Enhancement with our Dual Expertise in Medical Aesthetics and Urology!

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How “Big” is “Big Enough”? The Secret to Penis Enlargement Surgery!

Not just about size? A key to women’s “sexual satisfaction”!

Compared to women’s concerns about their own bodies, many men are equally preoccupied with myths about their manhood. While men are concerned about the size of their genitals, it’s not just about length; girth matters too, and women may pay more attention to it!

Innovative “Enlargement” Surgery – MegaDerm Implant

The enlargement of male intimate parts mainly consists of two parts: increasing the size of the glans and enlarging the penis itself.

In the past, there were three main methods for enlarging the penile shaft: autologous fat filling surgery, injection of fillers, and artificial dermal surgery. In 2020, Taiwan approved groundbreaking changes to the entire penile enlargement process with the introduction of a new material called Megaderm.

Dr. Wang,Tso Hsuan explained, “Early methods using autologous fat or injections of hyaluronic acid, collagen, and other fillers resulted in the penile shaft feeling softer, prone to displacement, and absorption issues.”

What is Megaderm? On average, it can increase by 2 to 4 cm!

Megaderm are sourced from tissue banks in the United States. They are sterilized using electron beam irradiation (E-Beam), preserving the original collagen structure without damaging it. It meets the standards and requirements of FDA (USA), KFDA (South Korea), and TFDA (Taiwan), removing all cells and potential allergenic components. This technique, which has been widely used in various plastic or reconstructive surgeries such as nose augmentation, correcting nasolabial folds, etc., has become a trend in male penile enlargement surgery.

【The effectiveness varies from person to person and depends on individual physiology and conditions. It should be evaluated and performed individually by a physician.】

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Our Professional Team

Wang, Tso-Hsuan, with over 25 years of experience in urology and more than 18 years in the medical aesthetics industry. He not only possesses professional knowledge in urology, but also holds unique insights and standards in the field of aesthetics.

To address the intimate concerns of men, he leads the medical team at the Nice Clinic, which emphasizes aesthetic aspect and patients the comfort during the surgical process. Nice Clinique cares about your health, and prioritizes aesthetics and unique needs even more than you do.

Why Choose Us?

Physicians with Experience in Medical Aesthetics and Urology

Nice Clinique offers ” Male Genital Surgery” performed by professional physicians with rich experience in both medical aesthetics and urology. Male Genital Surgery not only involves functional issues but also concerns appearance. Therefore, we recommend choosing physicians who with expertise in urology and extensive experience in medical aesthetics to ensure both functional and aesthetic needs are addressed.

The Only Clinic in Taiwan Certified by the Original Manufacturer

The Only Clinic in Taiwan Certified by the Original Manufacturer represents that the Nice Clinic team has accumulated the richest case experience in Taiwan, so choosing this most experienced team can better ensure the highest quality service during the medical process.

Flexible Schedule 

We accommodate customers’ schedules by flexibly arranging surgery dates, eliminating the need for long waits in large hospitals for appointments.

“Painless Sedation Anesthesia” Improves Surgical Quality

Sedation anesthesia is administered by an anesthesiologist, ensuring that patients are asleep before removing pants, disinfecting, and preparing for surgery. This not only avoids unbearable pain but also significantly reduces embarrassment for men related to undressing and shaving.

Anesthesia Method


Q: How long does the recovery take?
A: Typically, there may be some swelling for 1-2 weeks, which gradually subsides over time.

Q: How long after MegaDerm surgery can I engage in sexual activity?
A: It’s recommended to wait at least 6 weeks after MegaDerm surgery before engaging in sexual activity, but actual timing may vary based on individual circumstances.

Q: How long can the results last after surgery?
A: The most significant advantage and characteristic of MegaDerm is their long-term maintenance. The material is stable, not prone to displacement, and provides structural support. After implantation, it integrates with the body’s tissues and becomes part of the body. While some absorption may occur, the rest remains within the body.

Q: Can MegaDerm be used after foreskin circumcision?
A: Yes.

Q: Since enlargement can be achieved through surgery, can lengthening also be done simultaneously?
A: The surgery for enlargement and lengthening differ. If you’re interested in lengthening, it’s better to visit the clinic for an assessment by the doctor before surgery.


Before surgery

1. If opting for sedation anesthesia, please remove at least one fingernail polish before the surgery to facilitate blood oxygen assessment.

2. Avoid riding bicycles, motorcycles, or any transportation on the day of the surgery.

3. Please inform the doctor in advance of your medical history, medication history, surgical experiences, family medical history, and any allergies.

4. If regularly consuming blood-thinning health supplements such as ginkgo biloba, grape seed extract, red yeast rice, or ginseng, please pause for 2 weeks.

5. If you are taking anticoagulants such as aspirin, vitamin E, or warfarin, please pause for 2 weeks beforehand

6. Smoking is prohibited for at least 3 months.

After surgery

1. After surgery, smoking should be avoided for at least 3 months, along with alcohol, late nights, and vigorous exercise, to prevent affecting wound healing.

2. Sexual activity can resume after 6 weeks after surgery.

3. If the surgery is performed under general anesthesia, you can consume liquid food such as boiled water, milk, or fruit juice after one hour of surgery. If there is no nausea or vomiting after eating, you can eat any food, hot or cold.

Other notes

The following events may occur after surgery:

1. Pain

2. Foreskin swelling

3. Sensation of foreign object

4. Lengthy dressing changes

5. Removal of heterologous dermal graft in case of inadvertent infection

To prevent or reduce these issues, it is recommended to adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Take painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs on time. If experiencing unbearable pain, contact the clinic.

2. Wear briefs after surgery and follow the nurse’s instructions.

3. Refrain from smoking, exposure to secondhand smoke, and alcohol for three months before and after surgery.

4. Avoid staying up late.

5. Minimize stress.

6. If you have chronic conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure, please inform your doctor in advance.

【The information above is for reference only. If you experience any side effects or have questions regarding its use, please consult a doctor.】



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